• Antonio Valcarcel

Donations are urgently needed. Here's why and what we're doing about it.

Cuboree 2019

Units across America have had to work hard to keep the tradition of Scouting alive in their areas due to several factors throughout the last several years leading up to 2020. Some of the challenges we have faced include:

  • The doubling of our membership fees

  • A decrease in membership (locally and across the country)

  • COVID-19

  • And individual financial challenges

Unfortunately, there have been Troop and Pack closures across the country. Nonetheless, the families who have stuck it out, continue to do so with the enthusiasm we have always had. But enthusiasm alone, doesn't pay the bills. So we're asking for your help.

Our goal is to raise $6,000 by January 15th!

You might ask where this money is going. Not only do we have rechartering with Scouts BSA in February, but we're also looking at opening Scouting opportunities to more youth throughout the community and giving them the chance to experience some of this:

By donating this season, you'll be helping us do a lot at a time full of changes and transitions:

  1. You will help us cover the deficit in our rechartering dues come February 2021 (Est. $4,300)

  2. You will help us actively recruit and provide financial assistance for 10-15 new Scouts in Fayetteville who couldn't otherwise afford it! (Est. $1,000)

  3. Following the dues increase this year, we plan to implement our permanent dues collections schedule starting in September 2021 - your donation will help us secure our 2022 rechartering while allowing our families to adjust to the new schedule.

  4. The remaining funds will finance activities, events, awards, and advancements this upcoming Spring.

Please join us as we step into this new era of Scouting in America. Invest in Pack 740 today and know that every day, you are enjoying the benefits of the hard work done by Scouts BSA alumni!



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