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2021 Cub Scout Dues

Updated: Jan 4

In the Fall of 2019, the Occoneechee Council Board voted to implement a $48 per Scout one-time program fee that Pack 740 paid on August 1st, 2020. That fee was independent of regular Scouting dues in 2020. We understand that there might be some confusion regarding this fee and our normal annual dues for Scouts and adults. We wanted to provide clarification of what these fees were for and what our dues-collection process will look like moving forward.


The fiscal year for Scouts BSA runs from January to December.

When we collect dues from Scouts and adults each year, we are collecting dues that Pack 740 pays directly to Occoneechee Council and Scouts BSA (AKA, "national"). Those dues are paid to those entities in February each year during our rechartering process.

The total dues in 2021 are $132.00 per Scout. Pack 740 collects $180.00/Scout. allows us to pay for advancements, handbooks, some food, supplies, and materials used at Pack events.

Grown-ups, we pay dues too! Adults who hold a title position and parents of Wolves and above are required to be registered. That registration is $54.00.

Now, what about the $48.00 from August 1st?? As we stated above, they have NO connection to our annual dues, unfortunately. You can read more about this in the Council's FAQ document from Occoneechee Council:

Download PDF • 116KB


This year, we're introducing the Dues Acknowledgement Form. It is NOT a contract, it is an outline to help families understand their dues, due dates, and their progress in paying-off their balance for each adult and youth member. Additionally, it assures that families are made aware of financial assistance opportunities.

Here's what each of us owes:

  • If you paid the installment from August 1st, your one-time program fee of $48.00 is paid. If you paid any amount over those $48.00, you will have that credited towards your dues.

  • The $180.00 Scout dues for this year will be broken up into 6 installments that are due by the 1st of each month starting NOVEMBER 1, 2020, and ending on APRIL 1, 2021.

  • Adult dues ($54.00) should be paid no later than JANUARY 15, 2021. 100% of adult dues are paid forward to Council and National.

Payments can be made by cash or check and dropped off at Haymount United Methodist (Payable to "Pack 740"). We will soon be able to accept card payments online.


Pack 740 believes that if a child wants to be a Scout, he/she should have that opportunity regardless of their family's financial situation. No matter the circumstances, if you feel you need assistance, download and submit the Occoneechee Council Fee Waiver Form below and turn it in to the Cubmaster or Treasurer. This form will help you, your Scout, and Pack 740 plan accordingly for rechartering in February. You can download the form here:

Download • 1.23MB

Please note that even with the waiver, a family will be asked to contribute a certain amount to the Pack to help cover the cost of things like handbooks, advancements, awards, and programming that their Scout(s) will enjoy throughout the Scouting year.


Yes! We are doing much more in the Spring and we're excited to be planning for that right now. Many Fayetteville children are home constantly this year. Some don't even have parents or guardians with them throughout the day. The isolation is real and Scouting alleviates a lot of the pain and anxiety that comes with it. This year, Pack 740 has already introduced weekly Pack Hangouts, and we are continuing to participate in our weekly Den Meetings, Monthly Pack Meetings, and various District and Council-level events! Who let the kids out!?


We're looking at this current year as a transition into an installment-based dues collection process. Our dues for 2022 will depend on our Council and national obligations for our February 2022 rechartering. What we do know, however, is that our individual dues installments for 2022 will begin on 9/1 and will be separated into four equal installments due on the first of each month until 12/1.

If you have any questions, please contact the Pack Committee and our Treasurer at