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2021 Council Cuboree!

Two weeks ago, Pack 740 participated in the District Camporee and had a great time. Now we're looking forward to our 2021 Council Cuboree - an event that reserves Camp Durant exclusively for Cub Scouts!

Participation for this event is capped at 300!

As of 4/7, they had 172 spots still left.

Here is the information we provided via the email and Scoutbook calendar event:

Calendar: Pack 740

Event: 2021 Council Cuboree

Where: Camp Durant (Carthage, NC) - Map

When: Apr 23, 2021 5pm to Apr 25, 2021 12pm (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Pack 740 Parents,

Below is information about the upcoming Cuboree! At the beginning of April, several of us attended the District Camporee and had a good time. The Cuboree is different in that Camp Durant is reserved exclusively for Cub Scouts. They will have more activities and programs available as well and it should all be a good time as it always is!

Registration is done INDIVIDUALLY, so fees are paid directly to the Occoneechee Council when you register at the link below.

With regards to food, I will put out a survey to determine if we will all pay towards campsite meals, or if we will do food independently. I'm mostly putting this option on the table due to the registration cost being $50 (pays for 1 parent and 1 Cub Scout). Campsite meals would likely be cheaper for each family (and one less thing to think about), but I prefer to put the survey out to you guys before leaning one way or another.

If you have any questions, please respond to this email.

Thank you!


April 23-25, 2021

Council Cuboree - Cub and One Event (172 spots still available as of 4/7)

Camp Durant

4637 Old Carthage Rd

Carthage, NC 28327


***If you need some assistance with the fees, please let me know. We have $100 on hand to help cover a portion of expenses for anyone who needs it (Thank you, Davie!).***


The event flyer lays out all of the activities that are planned for your Scouts. You can download it on the event page here:

Council-Cuboree-Flyer-2021 (1)
Download PDF • 134KB

*Please note that this program is designed for a one on one, Cub and Adult participant. There are 300 pairs spots available. We are asking for no unregistered youth to attend to best comply with COVID-19 protocols. For more information please contact Karen Goldstein at either 317-445-1140 or