• Antonio Valcarcel

2020-21 BSA Scouts Popcorn Fundraiser!

Trail's End popcorn sales have gone app and online! And it's super easy!

Get set-up in 2 minutes:

  1. Text "APP" to 62771.

  2. Click either the Apple App Store link or the Google Play Store link and download the app.

  3. Choose the option to REGISTER. If you have a login already, just sign in!

  4. You'll register yourself as an adult, first.

  5. Then, you'll register your Scout in the steps that follow. You can use the same email address (recommended for Cub Scouts).

  6. You MIGHT miss the part about the username. That's ok! Just click "forgot username" on the login page.

  7. The page may say "password reset", but just follow through with the request. You will receive an email with your Scout's username. Use that to login.

  8. Start exploring, sharing, and selling!

You should know that...

  • The donations to "Heroes" refers to the donation option in the app. The money goes to first responders and military service personnel. Scouts will get credit for donations just as they would for popcorn sales!

  • You can do in-person sales, too! You'll find that feature on the app.

  • Sign up for a Scout webinar and learn more about this fundraiser! Text WEBINAR to 62771 to register.

Have questions?

Call/Text Michelle Taylor