• Antonio Valcarcel

2020-2021 Vision for Pack 740

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Around June, many of us were wondering what our program was going to look like as we moved into the 2020-2021 school year. There were fears that everything would be done virtually and that programs and events would be scrapped completely due to COVID-19. I am happy to report that nothing could be further from the truth!

In September, Pack 740 Scouts participated in at least...

  • 1 Pack Meeting (rescheduled to 10/3 due to weather)

  • 2 Pack Hangouts

  • 10 Den Meetings

Events were mostly held outdoors with only a few being done virtually. We've been able to do this because our Cub Scouts are awesome! Their thoughtfulness and loyalty to one another inspires them to do the right thing and keep each other healthy and safe.

Our dedicated Den Leaders are the ones that are behind all of our events and activities. They've managed to juggle life, work, and Scouting during a very challenging time, and they do it cheerfully and enthusiastically. We are grateful for their time and service.

With that said, there is more on the horizon for Pack 740. These are just some of the ideas we have in mind for October, November, and the rest of our Scouting year:

  • At least 2 camping trips in the Spring

  • 2-4 Pack Hangouts per month (hiking, museum visits, picnics, Saturday morning workouts, and anything else that's fun and COVID-19 compliant)

  • An official Pack 740 ongoing volunteer project

  • Pinewood Derby

  • Blue & Gold Banquet

  • And, if fundraising allows, a special Pack event in the Spring

Needless to say, we want to fill our Pack calendar with as many activity options as possible for our Scouts this year and we're definitely off to a good start. A successful year, however, is fully dependent on four things:

  1. DUES! They need to be paid! This Summer, we only collected 43% of the amount we needed to. Our 2nd installment is going to be due by November 30th and because it covers our rechartering fees for 2021, it's going to be an important one.

  2. VOLUNTEERS! We are desperate for help, but we understand that things are overwhelming right now for many of our families. Because of that, we're launching a page on this website which will essentially be the "Pack 740 To-Do List". When you visit and glance over it, you'll be able to volunteer for TASKS rather than ongoing positions. We hope this approach will make it easier and more compelling for you to join in on the fun of volunteering with us.

  3. FUNDRAISING! We're looking at some significant fundraising options this Fall. Stay tuned for more!

  4. RECRUITMENT! We started our year with 20 Cub Scouts and we are up to 23 as of 10/1. The recruitment goal I set for Pack 740 this year was 60%. That's 12 new Scouts - we've only got 9 to go to hit our goal! We'll be giving you the tools you need to make it happen and it all starts this month!

There's a lot of business that goes into Scouting, but we try to keep in the background so our Scouts can enjoy the incredible experience that Scouting really is. Think about being an eight or nine-year-old again. You're taken through all of these activities and you get to visit Camp Durant and do all of these things most of your friends don't get to do! I think we forget that sometimes, but this is really cool stuff. Let's keep it going TOGETHER. Thanks.

"Do your best!"